Things to Consider Before Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Everett

electrical vehicle charging station everettAre you considering installing an electric vehicle charging station either on your personal property or in your company parking lot? This can be a fantastic, time-saving option for you and your employees if you drive electric cars. Because there are several options to choose from, consider the following.

Which charging station is best?

There are three types of electric vehicle charging stations, Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charge. Level 1 is most often used in homes.  Level 2 is used in both home and business and DC Fast Charge is found mainly in public charging stations, especially along heavy traffic corridors.

Do I need single or dual ports?

How many electric cars are you going to provide power for? If it’s more than one, it may be wise to install a dual port electrical vehicle charging station.

How much does installation cost?

The cost of installing a home or business electrical vehicle charging station will vary depending on your location and specific needs. Generally, the most expensive element is the installation itself. Including installation, the Level 2 charging station averages somewhere around $1,000. Take advantage of tax rebates: The Federal government offers a credit for the purchase and installation of a electric-car charging station.

Want an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installed on Your Property in Everett?

If you think your home or business would benefit by having an electric vehicle charging station installed, contact Neighborhood Electric Services to speak with one of our professional electricians. To learn more about our company and our free electrical panel current heat inspection offer, contact us today to speak with a representative.

Help Installing Your Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Everett

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