Common Causes For Why Circuit Breakers Trip in Medina

why circuit breakers tripTripped circuit breakers are a common problem for homeowners in Medina, Washington. Circuit breakers are designed to protect you from dangerous overload or short circuit situations by shutting off power to affected sections of your home. While a trained electrician will be able to determine exactly why the circuit breaker tripped for you, there are a few things you can check first. Remember to look for these common reasons for why a circuit breaker trips around your home in Medina.

High-Draw Appliances

The most common reason why a circuit breaker trips is high-draw appliances. Appliances such as vacuums, microwaves, or portable heaters use a significant amount of power. Having too many of these devices active at once will often trip your circuit breaker. Ask your residential electrician about adding a dedicated circuit breaker for high-draw appliances. 

Failed Wiring

Home wiring is usually hidden in the walls, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fail. If you experience a tripped circuit breaker often and can identify no clear cause, call an electrical professional to help find faulty or bad wiring. Additionally, always visually check wires when remodeling your home.

Worn or Damaged Circuit Breakers

As with any appliance or tool, circuit breakers will also experience wear with age. An electrician can test your current breakers for proper function and replace them if necessary. Ask your electricity professional about using electrical panel heat inspections to find failing circuit breakers.

Need Professional Help with Your Circuit Breaker in Medina?

Are you having trouble with your circuit breaker in Medina, Washington? If you need professional assistance, contact the experts at Neighborhood Electric Services in Lynnwood today. We have over 60 years of experience in residential and commercial electric services and installations. Visit our website or call us at (425) 230–6345 for assistance, so we can inspect or replace the circuit breakers in your Medina home today.

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